Choose Wisely – the 2024 theme for Best for the World Broadcast

The 5th live broadcast event called Best for the World Broadcast is comming up – this years theme is ’Choose Wisely’. In March 2020 Emprogage took initiative for a live broadcast during the many lockdowns in cities and of whole countries due to the Coronavirus. The world was in synchronicity while at the same time …

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Emprogage's cell structure

Emprogage’s Way of Working

Emprogage organizes work through a holistic life-affirming design based on dynamic and static aspects. Grounded in the guiding principles of Empathy, Proactivity, and Engagement, a self-organizing cell structure provides a work ecosystem where humans can be whole. The result is an innovative, explorative, and experiential culture in a direction that is best for the world.

Emprogage as a complex living system with its core functions in the Heart wood of the tree.

The Emprogage Being

Emprogage is not an ordinary consultancy. But what makes it different? Is it its Emprogagers or their co-creations? The self-organization in a dynamic cell structure? Working for what is best for the world? Or making intentional decisions and having the fundamental assumption that there is always a choice? Get to experience the wholeness of Emprogage through the Emprogage Being Document.

Finding ways forward together

Best For the World live broadcasting reflection

Within two weeks almost 100 people from around the world have been co-creating content during the four day Best for the World live broadcasting. Afterward, they came together to reflect on the self-organizing way of working, trusting the process of building a bridge to the new paradigm while working on it, and together explore opportunities for moving into the direction of Best For the World.

BFW live broadcasting

Best For the World live broadcasting announcement

Emprogage hosts a four-day Live Broadcasting that invites people to move into the direction that is Best for the World. During the time of COVID-19 when the world is in synchronicity, around 100 Co-creators come together to create content in 50 concepts. The content is of holistic nature and spans over various topics addressing the person, team, organization and society.