Fundamental Assumptions

Emprogage's soul

The Roots are the fundamental assumptions that we as persons and collectives carry. They are metaphorically speaking the roots of the tree. The Roots represent the Fourth Loop of learning and thus are the metaphor that we choose for perceiving the world and making sense of its patterns.

How does Emprogage look at the world? What lenses do we use? What is the chosen metaphor?

Main Stories

To be able to embody Emprogage we have chosen to tell and relate to two main stories – Human as Part of Nature and Intentional Decisions. These metaphoric stories embrace complexity and express life in terms of creation, living and dying, as well as in terms of soul and body. The stories hold Emprogage as a whole – touching all of Emprogage; Root, Why, How and What. In short, they describe life in Emprogage.

Human as part of Nature

Humans are part of Nature. We live in symbiosis with our environment and life itself. We are not separated from our environment, nor do we stand above other sentient beings. Rather we live together with them and use our consciousness to improve the quality of the whole, instead of only increasing the quantity and efficiency of parts.

We see persons, teams, organizations, and societies as complex living systems and use the tree metaphor as a way of embodying such an experience.

Human as part of nature

Intentional Decisions

The Intentional Decisions Model does three things; first, it makes choices available, second, it reinforces the choice, and third, it serves as an ethical framework. It also serves as a design criteria for Emproage.

With Intentional Decisions we can participate in making the shift from becoming Best in the World to be Best for the World, by creating a sustainable society and a world based on collaboration and life affirming intent.

Intentional Decisions Model

Fundamental Assumptions

From the Main Stories three fundamental assumptions follow. These represent Emprogage’s roots  – a way of describing life, through the tree metaphor, a way of choosing, through personal consciousness, and a way of creating, together.

The Tree Metaphor

Emprogage as a complex living system with its core functions in the Heart wood of the tree.

The tree is a complex living system, not separating itself from itself or from its environment. It is like a huge dynamic symbiosis in an endless circle of life beyond time and space.

The Tree Metaphor stems from Ken Wilber’s AQAL model.


One of the core assumptions for Emprogage is that there is always a choice. This is valid on all levels and under all circumstances at any time, for all occasions and contexts. This assumption is also basis for the Intentional Decisions model and implies that not only matter is fundamental, but also consciousness.

We see choices as forming and creating our world. We are the sum of our choices and at the same time not further away from change than a new decision. We are creating habits by doing over and over again and creating a new paradigm by intentionally choosing life affirming habits. An inituitive way of setting an intent.


We have done research to synthesize these new ideas into a methodology that let organizations ”Perceive and Seize Opportunities Together”.

The methodology can be used for any initiation – from sowing of a seed to nurishing it to grow. Examples are design of projects, start of a cell, creating innovations, setting up an event, formulating an assignment, starting a company, etc.