Consultancy Services

It all Starts with You

Emprogage offers a wide range of consultancy services on a personal, team, business and societal level. Consultancy usually means for us to help you with services connecting structure and culture. We belive in the power of the human – because it is all about You! 

Emprogage provides the knowledge that is needed to realize your intentions – service offerings that are in the direction of what is Best for the World. Below you find examples of what can offer – the rest is a potential we can explore together! Contact us today!

Your Ideas and Needs

Co-creating the Future Together

We form a set up creating value for you and the context you are in.

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Transformative Workshops

Workshop Design
Workshop Facilitation

We have a vast range of workshop concepts and a long experience in facilitating and designing set ups that really matters.

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Sustainable Sustainability

Sustaianble Quality Managment SDG-tools
Regenerative Analysis
Circular/Sharing Economy

We induce non-linear and circular systems, creating awareness of flows and values and where intentional decisions can be made.

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Inspiring Speakers

Inspirational Talks
Motivational Speaches

We show you how choosing openness let you see the possibilities instead of the obstacles, and how you can make an active choice to embrace life.

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Innovative Innovation

Innovation Leadership
Design Thinking Customized Innovation
Fourth Loop Innovation

We enable us to see what is relevant and design businesses for the future.

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Insightful Leadership

Engaging Leadership
Personal Development
Self Leadership Leadership Forum

We make Conscious Choices become Intentional Decisions.

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Nature as Strategy

Nature as Sustainablity
Nature as Leadership
Nature as Teamwork

We bring your organisation and team into nature to explore your context and be inspired by the contact with nature itself.

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Digital Facilitation

Digital meetings
Digital workshops
Hybride set-ups

We help you and your team with engaging digital workshops and meetings.

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Graphic Facilitation

Graphic Recording
Graphic Facilitation

We can facilitate and record seminars, events as well as dialogues and meetings by visualising your world.

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We support change and growth in teams, organisations and people.

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Mindful by Nature

Mindfulness Programs

We  introduce practises to create awareness and resilience.

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Core Values and
Shared Vision

Core Values
Cultural Transformation
Shared Vision

We help organisations to be congruent in what they say and what they do – to connect the structure with the culture.

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Sustainable Strategy

Concept Design
Way of Working

We provide framework for strategies and ways of working, to support and induce the shift from best in the world to best for world.

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Project Management

Project Leader
Project Design
Project Support

We co-create organization of ideas, materials and processes for the purpose of achieving objectives.

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Societal Development

Sharing Economy
Dialogue Meetings
Co-creation Platforms

A collaboration and co-creation involving many industries, municipalities, associations and local communities, creating humility, shared focus and intention.

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Creating a Business

Entreprenuer Mentorship
Start up Counselling
Business Development

We apply business development on life purpose and the global goals.

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Value Creating Interim

Interim CEO

We meet people where they are and invite them to question their thoughts and beliefs, so that new seeds can be sown.


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Conscious Trade

Sustainable Center of Commerce
Reuse and Recycle

We facilitate a shift from today’s linear consumption to a co-creative and conscious trade where all actors can influence and contribute to a common purpose.

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Intentional Consulting

Value Creation
Market Segmentation
Customer Focus

We help you to take intentional steps in your business to get clearity about customer, service, pricing and selling.

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Empathic Management

Business Analysis
Value Chains
Business Development

We formulate questions and listen to understand.

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Engaged Moderators

Dialog Facilitator

We bring in a personal and cohesive experience for both your panelist and your audience.

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Storytelling and Telling Stories


We provide storytelling services as well as a publishing ecosystem.

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Work Engagement

Working Environment
Sence of Coherence
Health at the Workplace

We bring a systematic and holistic approach on health in the work environment.

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Circular Economy

Circular Procurement
Circular Production

We explore business opportunities in a conscious and circular economy.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Executive Coaching
Life Coaching

We see business-, societal-, and personal development as expressions of the same thing – sustainable development.

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Organisational Development

Organisational Development

We see an organization as a living system and man as part of nature.

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Broadcasting and Podcasting

Podcast Production
Broadcasting Events

We provide our thorugh knowledge of broadcasting and podcasting and can help you with everything from set up to live casting.

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Attractor and Think Tank

Think Tank Activities
Thought Leadership
Dialogue Meetings

We test new definitions and fundamental assumptions where we can all be the best for the world.

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