Emprogage Being 4.0

Emprogage Being 4.0

We proudly present version 4.0 of the Emprogage Being document.

The purpose of the Emprogage Being document is to provide a transparent and common understanding of Emprogage. It especially addresses the following points:

  1. Our roots and fundamental assumptions,
  2. why Emprogage exists,
  3. how Emprogage organizes work, and
  4. what Emprogage does.

You always find the latest version of the Emprogage Being document at www.bit.ly/emprogagebeing

The information of the wisdom collected in this document is useful for;

  • Creating awareness about what is Emprogage and can be
  • Inspiring a self-organizing way of working
  • Onboarding new Emprogagers

The Emprogage Being document is constant work in progress and provides a current snapshot of what is. Tomorrow looks different already.

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