Intentional Decisions Model

Intentional Decisions Model

Intentional Decisions is a compelling model for raising awareness of the possibility of choice (a variety of choices), serves as an ethical framework for our choices, and empowers us with the ability to decide (the process of choosing, i.e. pick one).

The model is based on the fundamental assumption that there is always a choice. It is based on the same three dimensions in all cases – empathy over sympathy, proactivity before reactivity, and engagement instead of attendance.

Our beliefs control our perception and perception creates reality

The intentional decisions (ID) model, co-developed and formulated by Stellan Nordahl, does three things; first, it makes choices available, second, it reinforces the choice, and third, it serves as an ethical framework.

In a long-term perspective, decisions that take us to Creator-mode are the most sustainable on all levels – personal-, group-, organisational- and societal level. A strategy to work with the ID-model could be expressed as follows (the numbers also indicate where to start):

  1. Be aware of your Resources and find a strategy to maximise them.
  2. Identify and boost processes that take you to Creator-mode.
  3. Identify and shut down processes that take you to Victim-mode.
  4. Define your Creator of Possibilities, that is what you want to experience.
  5. Define your Victim of Circumstances, that is what you want to leave.
  6. Raise your Consciousness and what is important to you.
  7. Define powerful concepts and beneficial assumptions in your life and make them your paradigm.
  8. Practice your strategy in your day-to-day life to create life affirming habits.

With Intentional Decisions we can participate in making the shift from becoming best in the world to be best for the world. To create a sustainable society and a world based on collaboration, co-creation and life affirming intent.

Download and read a copy of the English version of the booklet ‘An Intentional Story of Intent’ describing the model. For more information about the Swedish book ‘Medvetna Val’ visit medvetnaval.nu.