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Best For the World live broadcasting announcement

With the hosting of a Live Broadcast Emprogage sets out to find a social cure for Corona by bringing people together and having meaningful dialogues, reflections, and intents that move us in the direction of what is best for the world.

A global torch of hope and belief in the present

– how we as humans can connect and amplify ideas, projects, and systems for a greater good and create a new story of us as humanity.

We see a world where winners don’t define losers. Where I and WE are ONE. A paradigm where everyone can win and where we all take intentional decisions that work for what is best for the world. A paradigm where every person’s choices matter and where we all are whole.

Creating together what is best for the world

The society we create

We have been taught the story of becoming best in the world – a story where competition and materialism rules. The law of the jungle – you have to win and the second is the first loser. In that paradigm, every winner has at least one loser. The environment is something outside us, something else than us. The story is that whatever happens to the world, or even in the world, it is nothing we can do anything about.

We strive to become the best in the world – on behalf of all the rest. In that paradigm, we have separated us from the whole. I can’t help or contribute when there are problems in my organisation, in my society or in the world. Someone else is to be blamed.

We need to feel, see and experience to be able to understand a bigger picture. At the same time, we have been taught to reduce systems to make them simple. What then happens is that the power of the system is lost. An alternative is to use heuristic and simple principles to navigate the system.

Intentional Decisions

How can we create the future we want? What principles are valid (or even needed) in the new paradigm? What happens if our decisions create our perception? And what if perception really creates reality?

Can we then make intentional decisions and heal ourselves and at the same time heal the world? Can we create such a framework?

Starting out with the breathtaking insight of us as creators of our future, the Intentional Decisions model describes how we as people of planet Earth can find both why and ways to co-create a new story for humanity and all living forms based on guiding principles and intentional decisions. A story where we all can be best for the world!

Intentional Decisions is a compelling model for raising awareness of the possibility of choice (a variety of choices), serves as an ethical framework for our choices and empowers us with the ability to decide (the process of choosing, i.e. pick one).

It gives a framework where man is an integrated part of nature and where the time horizon is 3-4 generations.

The World in Synchronicity

Due to the Coronavirus and the many resulting lockdowns in cities and of whole countries, while at the same time experiencing that the systems of the old paradigm are crumbling, we are presented with an infinite opportunity. An invitation to collectively pause, take the time to reflect on where we are going, and even more importantly on where we intentionally want to go as persons, teams, organizations, societies, and humanity as a whole.

Best for the World Live Broadcast

We bring a global torch of hope in the form of a live broadcast filled with content that is best for the world for four days (March, 27th-30th). The program’s content is of holistic nature and spans over various topics addressing the person, team, organization, and society. We broadcast 24 hours round starting Friday 27th at 11 (CET) from a live studio in Lomma, Sweden.

You can follow the live stream on our YouTube channel.

Invitation to co-create

”The future is not something we should be equipped to meet –The future is something we create!”

We invite you to co-create the future with us. Different ways of how you can contribute with your gifts to the live broadcast are hosting a concept yourself, participating in a concept, or supporting the live broadcast financially at Patreon. If you want to carry on the torch of hope and host a Best for the World Broadcasting contact us at bfw@bestforthe.world. Further information and descriptions of contents, timetable and videos can be found at our website: www.bestforthe.world

Welcome to co-create the shift from best in the world to best for the world!

Hosts: Jens Rinnelt & Stellan Nordahl

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