Emprogage as a complex living system with its core functions in the Heart wood of the tree.

The Emprogage Being Document

The Emprogage Being Document is a holistic experience of what Emprogage is and can be.


Its intention is to provide a transparent and common understanding of Emprogage. It can thus be used for onboarding new Emprogagers.
Additionally, it can be useful for inspiring a self-organizing way of working, reflecting on the choices we do every day, and help to create life-affirming setups and conditions that move us in the direction that is best for the world.


The structure of the Emprogage Being Document is a description of a complex system, is not a linear description, or follows a chronological timeline, rather creating an experience of the whole where everything is interconnected. There are four aspects that can be experienced, however, borders and limits are not rigid, rather like a focus of functions with blurry connections to each other;

  1. Our ROOTS and fundamental assumptions,
  2. WHY Emprogage exists,
  3. HOW Emprogage organizes work, and
  4. WHAT Emprogage does.

As the format of a text document is usually chronologically arranged, the document provides a linear description of the same aspects.
However, it should be kept in mind that all functions are present at the same time and cannot be seen as separated from the whole.

Enjoy experiencing Emprogage and welcome to co-create, as Client, Consultant, or Emprogager!

Access the Emprogage Being Document under bit.ly/emprogagebeing