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Welcome to co-create!

Looking for creating what is best for the world?

A Co-creator – formerly known as customer or client – is a person or entity that creates together with Emprogagers. Usually co-creators become part of a cell or are the recipients of design deliveries.

Looking for doing things differently?

Consultants are persons that have signed a subcontract with Emprogage and are co-creators for a specific assignment or time period. The contract is an enabler of creating together and states services, relations etc.

Looking for a community of changemakers?
An Emprogager is a Co-creator and Owner of the collective Emprogage. All Emprogagers are self-organised, share the purpose of Emprogage and work in line with the Organising Principles. Every Emprogager is part of at least one cell of each of the four cell areas, to be able to be whole.

In either case we are looking forward to co-create with you! Send us a message or show up at one of our offices.

Let's Co-create!

Emprogage – the consulting firm

We work for what is best for the world by intentionally choosing empathy, pro-activity and engagement.

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