Tomas Holasek

Emprogage welcomes its latest Emprogager – Tomas Holasek

We are proud to welcome our latest Co-creator and consultant in Emprogage –Tomas Holasek.

Tomas Holasek is an experienced leader and interim-CEO who wants to contribute in the direction of ego-less leadership behaviors springing from human “one-ness” with all of nature. “A leadership leading to that we actually want to reap everything that we sow, with all its consequences”, Tomas emphasizes.

We got the opportunity to ask Tomas some questions and of course, we wanted to know his superpowers. “To create environments of trust and to break down obstacles between people”, Tomas says.

Tomas is open-minded and non-judgemental, which often has made him a melting pot for ideas and opinions. When asked about how he works with organizations and people, Tomas replies “I meet people where they are. I make them questions their thoughts and beliefs, and I love to contribute to insights, ideas, and actions”.

Over the years, Tomas has been helping companies within different industries in Sweden and internationally. Often as interim CEO, getting organizations and leaders back on track. Today Tomas also works with individual leadership programs and can help you if you want to:

– find out who you really are

– find out who you want to be

– find out how to close that gap

Tomas loves to work in a creative and open-minded environment, taking things from seeds to grown-up trees. “Or a forest!”, he adds. Tomas contributes to that environment by working on his self-development and by being an active, non-judgemental, and empathic co-creator.

We ask Tomas what ‘best for the world’, means to him. “What voluntarily moves us towards a more symbiotic/harmonic relation to each other and nature”, Tomas says. “And what moves us away from doing something on account of someone, or something”, he continues.

Tomas’s own company is called Abintus Consulting, which means Consulting ”From Within”, which he claims is where you find the source of all sustainable changes.

For Tomas, Emprogage is a context, an environment, a tool, and a foundation, for creating what has not yet been created, as well as a channel, through which what has been created, can be widely spread and executed.

We wish you all the best Tomas – and once more, welcome to co-create!

Ps. If you want to contact Tomas – you can easily reach him on tomas.holasek@emprogage.se

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