Finding ways forward together

Best For the World live broadcasting reflection

Change as an opportunity

The idea for a four-day live broadcasting arose two weeks before going live on a late Friday night in a conversation between Jens Rinnelt and Stellan Nordahl. The two of them were reflecting on the current circumstances due to COVID-19 they found themselves in and what it meant for them. They realized that this is actually a huge opportunity. As the way we normally do things have come to an abrupt stop it opens up the possibility to reflect on how we ended up in this situation, and how we can together find ways going forward.

The paradigm shift

20 years from now we will look back and realize that we are in a huge paradigm shift. A shift from being Best In the World to being Best For the World. As the whole world is synchronized due to Corona we are faced with a once in a lifetime opportunity to decide upon the direction we take from here and the society that we co-create together. COVID-19 brings in a painfully straightforward way the systemic issues we are facing as a consciously united humanity to our awareness and shows us how we have exploited Mother Nature, our planet Earth that we call home. We are invited to reflect on our fundamental assumptions and to choose a new story for us as Humanity, a story that is life-affirming and Best For the World.

Way of working

If we accept that perspective of being in the midst of this paradigm shift, then the way of working has to be congruent with the fundamental assumptions of the emerging paradigm. Being Best For the World is build upon togetherness and trust. Therefore, the way of working of the Live Broadcasting had to be in a co-creative spirit. The consultancy company Emprogage, which works based on empathy, proactivity, and engagement, provided a foundational structure, based on its dynamic and self-organizing cell structure. This flexible structure was then filled with life through content from many co-creators.

Building a bridge while walking on it

Trusting the process was another key aspect. Trusting in the intent and in people. First of all, believing that within two weeks four days could be filled with content, as well as believing that people would say yes to the invitation. The metaphor is building a bridge while walking on it, where we have to trust that the next step we take will be on an emerging ground.

80 hours of content that is in the direction of Best For the World

A self-organizing way based on togetherness and trusting the process resulted in the co-creation of over 80 hours of content during four days of live broadcasting. Almost 100 international co-creators responded to the open invitation and engaged in meaningful dialogues and set intentions that are in the direction that is Best For the World. Thereby strengthened and created new connections. In addition, more than 40 different concepts contributed, existing ones and new ones, leading to the creation of a holistic experience.

Trusting in the future that we co-create

In the following video the co-creators came together after the Best For the World Broadcasting in order to explore ideas that can now be created. Reflections and voices of the co-creators as well as new ways of going forward are presented. If you want to connect with the co-creators, you can find their concept description and contact details at www.bestforthe.world

Finding ways forward together – Live Broadcast – Best for the World

Thank you for the fantastic people who have co-created during the Best for the World live Broadcasting!

Jens Rinnelt, Stellan Nordahl, Caspian Almerud, Janeth Andersson, Maria Appelqvist, Martin Hansson, Michael Sillion, Pontus Rystedt, Mats Rosén, Richard Pålsson, Andreas Önnerfors, Roland Gudinge, Bert-Ola Berglund, Tomas Holasek, Mårten Hedin, Anders Hansson, Mette Koverberg, Kristina Diné, Maria Collinder, Alexandra Skoglund, Emir Mujezinovic, Chitranjan Jindal, Malin Novén, Akim Akhter, Gabrielle Achinioti, Anna Wounsch, Carin Dackman, Isabella Holmquist, Erik Nilsson, Kristian Rönne, Leif Alvgard, Mahmoud Tieima, Karolina Mazetyte, Parham Shafti, Dawna Jones, Madeleine Laurin, Line Mørkbak, Paul Wennerberg, Filip Landgren, Johan Olsson, Jenny Ahlstedt, Lisa Gill, Albin Ponnert, Jonas Petter Bravé, Cecilia Alm, Norbert Netten, Rikard Lundgren, Tintin Santén, Sadaf Khalid, Erika Mikaelsson, Åsa Rydhard, Anneli Mattson, Yasemin Arhan Modéer, Agneta Nyholm, Paolo Nardi, Chinomnso Onwunta, Theresa Thomasson, Emma Ölander, Anja Müller, Lukáš Venclík, Ondřej Nečas

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