Emprogage Sowing Conference – Business Branches

Emprogage Sowing Conference - Business Branches

Emprogage offers a new way of organizing and working together, bringing consultancy services based on intentional decisions and the principles of empathy, proactivity and engagement.

Emprogage was founded in 2018 by a large group of people who wanted to create a different kind of company, one that works for what is best for the world. They designed Emprogage as a web of life, using the tree as a metaphor. The tree represents the purpose, vision and values of Emprogage, as well as the structure and culture of the organization.

This years Sowing Conference focused on our Business Branches: Organisational Transformation, Future Competencies, Beyond Sustainability, Living Entrepreneurship and Community Development. As a way to embody the business branches, we planted an oak tree together.

Business Branches
  1. Organisational TransformationRooted in Change

    Just as a mighty oak grows from a tiny acorn, our services empower growth and change from within. We provide the nurturing environment and support to help organisations reach new heights. Together, we strengthen the roots, adapt to the changing environment, and stand tall through transformation.

  2. Future CompetenciesBranching Out to Excellence

    In the sprawling branches of the tree, as well as in the finest roots we find inspiration for future competencies. We help people and organisations branch out into new skills and knowledge, equipped to adapt to an ever-evolving landscape. Just as leaves reach for the sun, our services help you reach for excellence in the future. We design to nurture a future where impact thrives like an enduring tree.

  3. Beyond SustainabilitySustaining the Legacy

    Much like the tree’s deep roots sustain it through time, we focus on creating a legacy of positive impact where sustainability is defined as leaving in a better shape than when we came. We work to ensure that businesses has a regenerative and circular approach and goes beyond today, where nothing and no-one is wasted, leaving a healthy planet to future generations.

  4. Living EntrepreneurshipSeeds of Innovation and Trust

    In the seed cones that the gigant redwood bears, we see the seeds of innovation and trust. They hold the potential for the tallest trees on earth. Living Entrepreneurship inspire the birth of new ideas and opportunities. We foster a dynamic environment where innovation and trust is planted and nurtured, just as the sequoia’s acorns sprout to create new life to evergreen trees.

  5. Community DevelopmentBuilding the Forest Together

    Like a mixed forest, our community development services focus on building strong, interconnected communities. We believe in co-creation and diversity, where each tree contributes to the strength of the forest. Together, we cultivate thriving communities where the collective growth and well-being are central to our mission.

By planting an oak tree together, we embodied our commitment to growing each of these business branches into a sturdy and lasting presence, just as the oak tree stands the test of time and seasons.

Do you want to know more – please contact our Operational Triad on info@emprogage.se

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