Invitation to co-creating a consultancy firm based on empathy, proactivity and engagement

Creating together a consultancy firm that works for what is best for the world

On January 2018 over 30 co-creators followed the invitation to together create a new consultancy company. The calling question for an Open Space workshop format was: ”How can we design a Consulting firm based on Empathy, Proactivity, and Engagement?”

We started with a check-in on what we would like to take away from the day. Many co-creators mentioned learning and making new connections. The collective intent was set for being inspired.

With inspiration continued we then also and watched a wonderful clip from Dewitt Jones on ‘celebrate what is right with the world’. We reflected on what we choose to focus on.

As preparation for the Open Space workshop a few framing concepts were presented, as for example the Intentional Decision model, that already provided the three dimensions and design criteria of empathy, proactivity, and engagement. In addition, Simon Sinek’s golden circle was used to visualize the potential eco-system of Emprogage with an inspiring purpose in the middle as the glue that holds everything together, as the purpose of Emprogage is to work for what is best for the world. Last but not least, the Reinventing Organizations framework from Frederic Laloux was explored as the way of working of Emprogage is intended to be self-organizing from the beginning.

Then we went into the Open Space format and engaged in inspiring dialogues and participated in explorations of how a culture and structure of a consultancy company based on empathy, proactivity, and engagement could become reality. One of the main outcomes of this participatory workshop was to trust in what is emerging. In other words, we have to first believe, in order to see. Another aspect was to stay curious and engage in life-long learning. How fitting to the intention of the co-creators.

After a vitalizing lunch, we got inspired through some calming MoodFrames. A mindful visualization of picture poetry gave us another boost of energy.

In a design workshop in the afternoon we used business development tools as for example Lean startup methodology, and an updated business model canvas that includes a holistic new paradigm perspective, in order to move from abstraction, formulated hypothesis and assumptions, to be able to test and experiment together.

We checked out with a feeling about our next steps. Many co-creators felt inspired to continue the exploration journey of creating together a consultancy company that works for what is best for the world. Therefore, they decided to continue with an in-depth design workshop in February. The intent here is to decide upon a company name, what cells to initiate first, and what structures are needed for communication and collaboration.

We say thank you for all the co-creators that participated in shaping this experience and the next steps together.

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