Development cell day invitation

Invitation to Emprogage’s Development Cell Day

Development Cell Day

Emprogage invites for a Development Cell day on the 20th of August, at World Trade Center Malmö. The day starts with breaking the fast together at 8.30. It continues with a collective check-in and setting the intention for the day together. After that, the different Development Cells present an update about their current being and intention. Then lunch will be served. Working together on emerging questions and topics regarding the Development Cell Area is next on the agenda. With a collective reflection, setting an intention for the next steps, and a check-out the day closes around 15.00.

Development Cells

The Development Cells is the Root Collar serving as the basis for creating stability, forming, and conceptualizing new knowledge and experience for Emprogage. The Development Area consists of ideas people want to explore by learning together. It could be projects or services that are currently in an early prototype state and are tested with Emprogagers or Co-creators.

Cell Areas

The four cell areas of Emprogage – Consulting, Exploration, Development, Root – meet once a year for a tactical meeting, where lessons learned and best practices are shared and where the cells in the area learn together. Each quarter a different cell area meets. All co-creators from the cell area are invited to participate. In that way, the learnings from tactical cell levels are transferred to the operational and strategic levels of Emprogage. Through this integration of learnings, the consciousness of Emprogage expands and evolves through the dialogical learning of Co-creators and results in changes in culture and structure. Put differently, energy flows through the Heartwood of the metaphorical Emprogage tree, where changes in the Backbone (What), DNA (How), Purpose (Purpose) and Soul (Roots) lead to changes in all the other functions. A change in one aspect means a change in the whole and vice versa.

Emprogagers and the Emprogage Environment

An Emprogager is a Co-creator and Owner of the collective Emprogage. As an Emprogager it is important to be able to relate to oneself, in other words, to be conscious of one’s own consciousness, in order to be able to relate to Emprogage and to others. This means to continuously ask oneself the root, why, how, and what questions to develop personal strategies, tactics, and operations. All Emprogagers are self-organised, share the purpose of Emprogage, and work in line with the Organising Principles. Every Emprogager is part of at least one cell of each of the four cell areas, to be able to be whole. Any two Emprogagers have together the authority to sign for the firm.

A Co-creator is a person or entity that creates together with Emprogagers. Usually, Co-creators become part of a cell or are the recipient of design deliveries. A Co-creator can be part of many various organisations, contexts, and functions.

Consultants are persons that have signed a subcontract with Emprogage and are co-creators for a specific assignment or time period. The contract is an enabler of creating together and states services, relations, etc.

For more information about Emprogage’s way of working, check out our website, as well as the Emproage Being Document.


If you are interested in joining the Development Cell Day please get in contact with the Operational Triad of Emprogage.

The Operational Triad is a cell with a specific structure and function to govern the Heartwood of Emprogage. The operational triad’s main task is to ensure the operational workings of Emprogage as an entity. It can be understood as a support cell for all the other cells. It also exists as the legal stewardship of Emprogage AB.

Location: World Trade Center Malmö, ​Skeppsgatan 19, ​211 11 Malmö, ​Sweden

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