The consulting firm

We are an consulting firm that works for what is best for the world
by consciously choosing empathy, pro-activity and participation


Not an ordinary consulting firm
We work for what is best for the world by consciously choosing empathy, pro-activity and participation

Our Story

Emprogage is a valuebased company built by consultants with one common speciality – change.

About Us

EMPROGAGE consists of a group of consultants who share the desire to make the world a bit better.


We work for what is best for the world by intentionally choosing empathy, pro-activity and engagement.

Emprogage Way of Working

Our organizing principles define our way of being and the way we organize EMPROGAGE as well as ourselves. The principles, our attitude, and the way we act are in line with our joint purpose and supporting our values.

We choose EMPATHY before sympathy, PROACTIVITY over reactivity, ENGAGEMENT before attendance and LOVE before fear.
We also choose AND and BOTH instead of either or or. INCLUDING WE as entity instead of we and they. We choose DISCUSSION and DIALOGUE instead of debate and polemics. And we LISTEN and pose questions to UNDERSTAND instead of questioning.
We CLARIFY, ILLUSTRATE and ADJUST rather than explain and correct.

  • Openess

    We are open for questions and ask questions to understand and create mutual clarity under any circumstance. We are curious and present, to endorse mutual engagement.

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  • Choice / Responsibility / Participation

    We create opportunity and connect desired consequences with responsibility. We as individuals are competent and capable of making conscious choice. Decisions are collectively distributed.

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  • Learning

    We act as co-creators, grow with each other, and choose mutual learning. We encourage change, improvement, and renewal in pursuit of what is best for the world.

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  • The I Context

    I work from the perspective of: What I do gets done. What I take responsibility for I can influence. Through personal reflection I see choices and choose improvement.

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  • In Relation To Clients

    We see people and organizations we meet as creators of their own experiences and environments. We are not observers – we intentionally create what is best for the world.

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Learn more

This video shows how Emprogage, a co-owned and co-creating consultancy company based in Lund, Sweden, organizes work. The organization is perceived as a web of life. A an adaptive and fluid cell structure provides its members (co-creators) as well as ‘external’ stakeholder the opportunity to engage in projects they perceive as meaningful. The ownership of Emprogage is through the individual companies its members have established themselves. That means Emprogage is at the same time a personal company as well as a collective.

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