Caspian Almerud

Dialogue Inducer, Facilitator

Caspian brings diverse people together and facilitates an environment where they can have a conversation that matters which enriches both sides with new perspectives.

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Eva Malmström

Coach, Mindfulness Instructor, Journalist

Evas presentation

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Jens Rinnelt

Business Humanizer, Transformational Facilitator

Jens is bringing consciousness to organizations, teams and people. He creates awareness about which unconscious agreements are driving people and organizations.

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Mette Koverberg

Graphic Recorder,

Mette is graphical by nature. She started to paint and draw at a very early age and she has continued ever since. She expresses both what is said and what is unspoken. She touches the outer as well as the inner world with her drawings and can facilitate and record seminars, events as well as dialogues and meetings.

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Pontus Rydstedt

Innovation Specialist, Business Developer

Pontus has a passion for learning, development and improvement. He is always looking of new ways to add and share value, to create better products and to deliver great customer experiences. He also believes there is a better way to lead organizations.

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Another Consultant

Work in progress

Are you a consultant and looking for a community?

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Roland Gudinge

Picture Poet and Strategist by Nature, Digital Intuitive

Roland wants to work in contexts that are at the forefront. He has a special affinity for the indescribable, which can only be seen by the one who sees and feels. In these contexts, Roland becomes the link to convey this to others in the context, the organization or society.

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Stellan Nordahl

Business Philosopher, Leadership Consultant

Stellan Nordahl is a well-known think inducer and inspirational facilitator passionate about the paradigm shift from becoming best in the world to be best for the world.

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Ulrica Fager

Communications Specialist, Facilitator

Everything is communication.
Ulrica believes that the success of change lies within communication. She is driven by creating understanding between people. To get them to open up to new perspectives. Listen, analyze and understand people’s diverse need for messages and stories.

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